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J's Roofing - Green or Living Walls !

J's is proud to be one of the very few 'CERTIFIED Installers' for "ELT Easy Green" products of Green Roofs -Roofing and Green Walls.  (ELT Green Roofs & ELT Living Walls).  Distributed through Bright Green Technologies in the US, very few companies have qualified to be the Certified Installers for these products. (We are one of the first!)

Custom built walls and panels for personal or public evironments.  Residential homes, commercial, or even industrial locations, any space is possible.  Schools, hospitals, restaurants, museums, libraries, display areas, municipalities, city park buildings ...

"Elevated Landscape Technologies (ELT)"  ELT Living Walls:  " Living walls conserve energy by insulating the building envelope, reducing the need for heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. They create biodiversity conservation opportunities, and absorb and filter storm water, which reduces local water body pollution and helps prevent the overwhelming of municipal storm water infrastructure. Living walls also filter air particulates, improving air quality and help to reduce the urban heat island effect (UHI). With our interior kits the plants clean the air in your office or home and also add humidity to the air when you have your central heating on in the winter. "   Just a few of the many benefits that can be felt with Living Walls.

Interior or Exterior applications.  From simple vegitation, flowers, wall gardens, even vegitables and herbs!

Small home kits are also available.
MORE INFORMATION AND DETAILS TO COME.   Please contact us with questions.

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